Dyeing and Summer Tweed

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Yesterday when I went to the LYS to work, I brought my new felted bag and the samples of the kool-aid dyed yarn. I had mentioned to Molly that I wanted to Kool-aid dye some yarn and she pretty much dismissed it as silly/bad, she said "it's not fast," etc. So I showed her how pretty it looked, and she only made one disparraging comment, which is that a lot of the dye came out when I felted the tropical swatch. Which is true, I just didn't like her saying it. =) The best part of this was when I showed her the woolspun. . . she had forgotten that I had bought white woolspun from her, and what I showed her was shaded pinks. . . She didn't realize I'd dyed it! She thought i had bought pink woolspun. SO THERE! HAH! I must have done something right. When I bought it she said it wouldn't dye well. . . if I haven't proved her wrong, I don't know what would! I will eventually try real dye, but not quite yet. I'm having way too much fun with Kool-aid.

I took a skein of my new Summer Tweed in to show her what I had been talking about, and she told me that it's bad quality silk! She explained the process of making silk yarn and how those little snubs in the yarn are the "leftovers" of the process. They sweep the floor afterwards and that's what you get. It's technically not even called silk, it's called silk snub or something. She said those little blobs will fall out! And she really believed all this, she was like, "I am not stocking this" which I can totally see. But I am rather pissed. The label says 70% silk 30% cotton, not silk whatever. And this shit is expensive! Where do they get off selling stuff that's not top-quality as if it were???

Molly said that in general, Rowan yarns are not always the best quality on the market. Which surprised me because the impression I have is that everything they make is great.

I am still going to make something with it (I've decided on a sleeveless mock turtleneck), and we'll see how it works out. How did it work for those of you who're using it/used it?

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