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I've put the AV sweater aside for a little while because I decided to knit squares for the Phoenix project, since Stitches is in like a week, I can hand them in there. I bought a random skein of pretty variegated Red Heart and made one of those side-to-side squares where you increase one stitch every row, then decrease to form a square. But I added a pocket to the middle of it! I did it using the two-needle circular knitting method, which is not hard to do but was hard in this case, because I was working the tube in the middle of a flat piece, so I had to go around the tube 1.5 times on one round, and then .5 times on the next round, otherwise it would have been shorter than the surrounding fabric. Garter stitch is really too thick for a pocket in the middle of a square, but it worked out OK and actually looks pretty neat (though it's not centered! GRRR). I think I'm going to put a small teddy bear inside the pocket.

I've also been working on my new top, I got a bunch of it done and it's looking good, except that I messed up the shaping decreases so they're not in the right spot -- one side is right but the other is not, so the shaping will be on my back instead of on my side. Oh well, no one will be able to notice. Though it's upset me enough to stop working . . .sigh.

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