I felt really, really, REALLY

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I felt really, really, REALLY crappy this morning and called in sick. Slept until noon and I still feel crappy, but slightly less so. Looking forward to spending the day on the couch with the dog and some knitting.

It's freakin' snowing. SNOWING.

It looks like we'll get about 5" and it's not gonna stop until later this afternoon. I am so sick of winter, it's ridiculous. Over the last few days, we've had freezing rain, regular rain, 50degree weather that melted the blizzard's snow, and now more snow. Three storms in one week, actually. They cancelled schools again -- I bet my old HS will add days in June to make up for it. That was always the worst thing they could do to you, since there was no A/C in the school. It wasn't MEANT to be used in mid-June! Glad I'm not there anymore.

I'm almost done with the first skein on the Heather cardi. Finally measured my gauge correctly and I'm 1 sts/4" too big. I don't care though, I want this for a coat so all's good. After I finish this skein I'm gonna tackle the Davos sweater. I just don't want to have to look at it next winter, which is when it'll get done if I don't finish it now.

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