Another wonderfulous day at the yarn shop!

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Complete with finding the PERFECT color for one customer, finding enough of one dye lot of something for two other people, untangling tons and tons of ribbon and eyelash, and pairing colors for different projects. And typing up the mailing list. Oh, and sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic near the GWB b/c we ran out of sales slips and I had to run to Staples to get more. But that was alright cuz I had my Simon & Garfunkel CD collection to keep me sane (I got a TON of weird looks for blasting "The Sounds of Silence" with my windows rolled down). We got the new lantern baskets in and I was good and didn't buy one -- I didn't buy anything at all, actually. So we're going on 2 weeks w/o buying any yarn! That's pretty good.

I seriously love this store. Was thinking today that if I can't get hired at Knitting Hands or some other local store once I move to the city, I'll just commute back to Englewood and keep working at Handknits. I can always knit on the bus! I think the whole public transportation thing is one of my favorite parts of moving to the city.

Finished the back of the Heather Cardi/coat while at Starbucks all day yesterday. My friends were all impressed with the simple cables, which I thought was cute since they are no big deal. Need some thinking time to cast on the first sleeve, maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Haven't felt like knitting much because my fingers have been hurting a lot lately.

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