Ahh, I love when my

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Ahh, I love when my body's being good to me. My feet don't hurt, I don't have a headache, and I only have a slight backache right now. It's a nice change.

Handknits stuff:

Great shift again today -- working a weekday is kind of weird, but not bad weird. Liked working with Jamie, though I think Beth got a bit annoyed at our constant chatting (we WERE talking knitting, but we both talk too much!).

The coolest thing that happened today was a large shipment came from Unicorn, and it was Jamieson's DK! The yarn I need for the River Grass Gansey! So I got to swim around in over a hundred skeins of yarn. I love the Granny Smith color but there is just no way I am going to walk around looking like an apple. Especially not if I had to spend hours and hours MAKING the offending apple-like item. So I'm still unsure as to color choices, but since I ordered several skeins for swatching from ThreadBear, I have time to figure it out. Especially since I'm not starting this anytime soon. Even if I finish a bunch of stuff. Seriously. I'm putting my foot down here.

I brought in the green Cascade 220 pullover to show Beth my finishing skills (I'd offered to do some of the finishing work and she wanted to know if I'm any good). I am proud to say that I "passed" with flying colors -- my finishing skills really have gotten good, and she admired my seams, especially the shoulders. She and her long-time employee, Holly, prefer the three-needle bind off for shoulders and always talk about it -- I prefer to bind off and pretend-kitchner shoulders, I think it adds stability AND looks good, plus I hate to physically DO the three-needle bindoff. Anyway, this pullover has bound-off and seamed shoulders, which Beth said she thought were three-needle boundoff until I told her otherwise. That's a pretty high compliment. So I took home two items for blocking, which I'll hopefully have finished by my next shift (Saturday).

Also, volunteered to knit a store sample. The woman who knits most of the samples is older and won't knit Rebecca patterns (since they're obnoxious to follow). So I'm making the gathered sweater in pale pink Soft Kid. This is one of the many, many projects that I look at and go "uh, not for me" but that are totally popular. It is supremely mindless knitting and I bet I'll be done by Saturday. Didn't even ask how much she pays, but hopefully it will be a decent amount. The very least I'm expecting is the 7 cents/yard "designer sample" standard.

My knitting:

Got a bunch of inches done on the mohair blanket, really close to being finished. I can't wait to have this done as it's so old.

Cast on and did about half of the first fleeve of the Heather cardi. In certain lighting the yarn's really kinda cool, but in others it's still pretty ugly. I guess I will see when it's done.

Pulled out another old project, this one started in the fall. I got the yarn, Jaeger's Como, on clearance and in no time finished the back and one side of a cardigan. Then I put it away when it finally dawned on me that the color is that particular shade of green that can only be described as "baby poop green." It struck me today that I really don't so much mind the color, but rather the thought of wearing the color. So I'm going to knit it into yet another felted project bag, with entrelac squares at the top in the neon pink skein I got for contrast. So excited about this idea that I almost cast on for it already, but was able to restrain myself.

Tomorrow's my one day off this week (look at that, first week of being "unemployed" and I'm actually working 46 PAID hours this week, instead of working unpaid overtime), planning to get the Six Feet Under DVDs and knit knit knit away.

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