Am about 5" into the

Posted on March 12, 2003 by knittingpatterns4you | 0 Comments

Am about 5" into the ruffled sweater -- this is SLOW going. Not only is it 282 sts around, in fine mohair, on large (US9) needles, I had no other open needles so had to resort to using an old pair of Clover circulars on this so it's even slower, as I'm used to my Addi Turbos. (sorry for that really long sentence)

Actually, now that I re-read what I wrote, I got a whole bunch of knitting done! I'm estimating I knit for about 8 hours on this sweater today, and have done roughly 30 rounds. So that means over 8,000 sts, at 17 sts/minute! Heh, I should keep track of my knitting time/progress better, I wonder what my average rate is. Have any of you ever timed and calculated sts/minute?

Have to be at Starbucks at 6 am tomorrow. Yay. (sarcasm)

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