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Firstly, I think I found a house! The boys (my rommmates) saw it today and approved, now we're doing the credit check/app process. Hopefully we'll start moving in this coming week. The boys even approved of my room choice (aka the biggest one, which also has a door to the bathroom!). So excited. We have a fenced in backyard with a patio! And a front porch! And our own washer and dryer! And a biggish kitchen! SOO excited.

We get the fall shipment at work on Monday and Tuesday so I will be super exhausted next week. But the new stuff is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to buy it and wear it! Our dress code is changing (boo!) so I have to buy more clothing. Oh darn. ;o)

Bought yarn today, Cotton Fleece for a summer top. I'm going to make a sleeveless baby cabled top like one that we have in the fall line. I got a bright pink/red color that's gorgeous and have it sketched. Right now I'm working on my Calmer halter top and planning my weekend trip to the beach (I have 4 days off in anticipation of the rollout and I'm damn well using it!).

Will post pictures tomorrow, probably.

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