Ahh, knitting.

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Since officially moving in (I'm sleeping in my new place as of last week) I have actually had tons of time to knit (heh, being unemployed helps). I decided to bribe myself a bit -- if I finish that KPPM/Soft Kid scarf/stole, I can buy another project. I am sick of staring at all this old yarn and all these old projects, and I want to buy NEW STUFF! So for every old project I finish (and there are so many that are so close to completion) I get to buy one new project.

In general it really doesn't bother me to have tons of UFOs and WIPs, but I hate to see myself let all this stuff stay stalled forevermore -- after all, I loved it enough to buy it and start it initially. Everything that I truly hated or that didn't fit has been ripped out, so it's not like there's any problem with the projects. Just call me A-D-D knitter, as that's my problem.

Anyway, I got tons knit on the scarf/stole, so much so that I'm on the last skein of each kind of yarn. I have such a love/hate relationship with mohair, especially Soft Kid or Kid Classic types -- it feels nice knit up and I don't mind knitting with it, but then there is fuzz _everywhere_ and it drives me nuts. I also seem to have lost some needles -- I can only find two size 8 circulars and I _know_ I must have had more than that many at one point! It's just not possible. So this project's being done on 16" needles, which is annoying. But I've gotten used to it, and am working on it while watching movies ("Heathers" today and "Strange Days" yesterday, both fun and I enjoyed them).

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