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Posted on August 17, 2003 by knittingpatterns4you | 3 Comments

Friday night, my sister and I went out and drank too much (I asked a guy out and was in such a good mood from being proud of myself, that I got way drunker than I should have for what I drank). Then I slept from 3am-4:30am, got up and drove her to the airport (she's in Mexico City for a week), drove back and slept from 6am-1pm. When I got up, for some reason I got the urge to finally finish setting up my new place.

So. I got and installed shades in my bedroom windows (cool bamboo-looking ones), as well as a shelf for my knitting needles and random stuff. I bought myself a power drill (so exciting! ;o) and had fun feeling all self-sufficient and stuff. Then I went out and got a dresser from KMart, which was on sale so it cost only $40. I'd been keeping my clothes in those Yaffa blocks things and it was driving me nuts. It took me 4 hours, but I put the dresser together myself. There were 32 screws just in the drawer rails! I'm glad I had the drill, or my wrist would be killing me now.

I also treated myself to new sheets (also on sale at KMart, purple on lilac printed dots pattern), and rearranged the room. All that's really left to do is bring in my computer table and computer, but since we don't get internet access until a week from Monday, I figure there's not much rush. I'd also like to get some shelves to put all my books and magazines, but I have to find just the right ones.

I'd be showing you pictures of all this stuff, but my sister took the digicam with her.

I start my new job tomorrow! I am going to be a reservations person at Empire International. Woo! I'm excited. It's been a crazy 3 weeks, I've never been unemployed before and I'm glad it's OVER.


I started to sew up Heath's sleeves, and DAMN is there a lot more sewing to do on such a small gauge sweater (in mattress stitching, that is). It's painful. But I don't want another UFO so I'll be forcing myself to sew it up. Thankfully there are very few ends to weave in.

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August 18, 2003

Hi Ivete, I like your new blog – nice pink. And glad to hear you got a another job, that was fast. Good luck!


August 20, 2003

“those Yaffa blocks things” could be great storage for stash. Been thinking of getting some.


August 23, 2003

I haven’t been around for a while and missed your info on Heath. I bought the yarn for that sweater this past spring and haven’t got around to knitting it yet. When I finally unpack all of my knitting from my move I plan to start , I can’t wait to see your pictures.

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