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The Florida tank top has a completed front and about 1/3 of the back done. It is simple and mindless and will make a perfect, racy tank when finished. I'll probably have to wear something under it to keep it from looking like I'm advertising, but that's alright. The concept of knitting "party clothes" amuses me, since most of the people I know think that knitting is only for big scarves and frumpy sweaters. Even when I wear the shell I made two summers ago and get compliments on it, I feel like everyone's eyeing me, thinking "she did't really make that." Maybe I'm paranoid. Plus it really doesn't matter very much.

Training this week was beyond boring, I am ready to get on the damn phones already! I know I'm not actually ready, I'm just so sick of the training, which just goes over the very basics which I already have down.

I have been crocheting more scrap rugs over the last few days, I have another mat for Pepper to lay on and a little rug for the kitchen sink. They're ugly but in a kitschy way, but they're cheap! I love using up my scraps and odd-and-ends. I think I'm about half-way through all those yarn cakes I had wound up a while ago, so I have a few more rugs to go before I've finished all the crappy random yarn. It'll be nice to not have that stuff lying around.

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