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On Wednesday my friend Ralph and I walked around the city and ended up at Purl in the village. It's a very cute store, very small of course but that's the city. They carry Debbie Bliss, Koigu, Rowan, that sort of thing. They had a very impressive KPPM selection, actually. I walked out of there with two Addi Turbos (it's incredible that I still don't have certain needles), two skeins of KPPM in what I call sherbert colors (orange/pinkish) and two skeins of Kersti in speckled greens.

I started swatching the Kersti and I have to say I LOOOVVEEE this yarn. I want to make that VK sweater that Indigirl's working on. This stuff is so fluffy and soft and the colors are great. I just wish it were cheaper. ;o)

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September 12, 2003

I LOVE Purl! I’ve only been in once, to get a gift certificate for a friend’s birthday (she’d kept whining about how cute but expensive it was), but they were actually nice! So few shops in the city are, y’know? And they’re within walking distance on nyu days, too… O;)


September 14, 2003

I have to get my hands on some “Kersti.” It does look like amazing stuff. I’m also kind of fond of the name, too. ;)


September 15, 2003

have you made any of your own knitwear designs yet?

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