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Well, slowly but surely it looks like I'll get my old stuff moved over here. I got all of July's posts transferred tonight, maybe if I try to do one month every night I will have this stuff done within the next few weeks. It's annoying to know I have posts all over the place, and while it's totally trivial, it bugs me to see the archives on this page go back only a few months when I've been blogging for over two years. Not to mention that some of the earlier posts (pre WebCrimson) are stuck on my desktop and are nowhere online at the moment -- the desktop w/ no internet access, that is. So I have to save that stuff to a disk and try to get it online somehow. . . anyway.

Knitting? Oh right.

I have been doing some mindless knitting lately on my big purple blanket (remember that project? If you said yes, imagine my eyes bugging out in shock). I went to join the last strip I had knitted onto it, and found i'd messed up the entire thing by doing the repeats too long. Plus, I also realized the blanket would be too long and not wide enough if I added that strip. So instead I'm knitting on borders to each of the longer ends to make the thing wider, then I'm going to knit a border onto each of the short ends with any remaining yarn. I've decided to trim the entire outside border with a lighter shade of purple but I'll probably still knit it on and not crochet it.

Not much other knitting going on. I got the new issues of VK and FCEK, and there was nothing really great in either. I liked VK better, but only marginally so. The multicolor wrap by Brandon Malbey gave me an idea for the headboard cover I've been planning out, though . . . I may go shopping for yarn for that tomorrow, actually.

My sister borrowed my camera so still no piccies. Sowwy.

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