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Posted on October 25, 2003 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

I got woken up before 11 am by work calling for absolutely no reason, and I was initially mad, until I decided to go to the yarn shop to improve my mood. ;o)

I bought a great assortment of yarn to make my headboard cover, and had a great time picking them out. I got mostly rich jewel tones in wool, but different textures. Adam who works there and another shopper admired my color choices, which is kind of cool. That is one thing I miss most about working in a yarn shop, I used to spend hours picking colors for customer's projects and that is the most fun part of the project choice, I think. Especially if there are lots of colors involved and texture also plays into the decisions.

I haven't fully committed to a design for the headboard cover, though. Part of me would love to do some free-form knitting and/or crochet, but I'm really not confident enought to undergo my first attempt at it on something like this. And yes, I could practice first, but even so, I'm unsure. My other idea is to do random thin vertical stripes, or to make big, bold shapes and embroider them ala Newton's book's pictures.

I definitely know I want it to look very organic and sort of artsy, and I do not want some overwhelming patterning ala Fasset or in a fair-isley way. I think I'm going to try to freeform some and make a large swatch, then I'm going to make a large striped swatch and maybe a large swirly swatch, hang them on the little-princess-headboard, and look at them until I figure out which one is most worth all the work. This is a really cool project and I'll be documenting it in photos, believe me!

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October 25, 2003

WOW! a knitted headboard cover. Very ambitious and so cool. I can not wait to see how this project developes.
I love reading about unusual projects like this! Who says knitting is only for mittens, sweaters, and hats.
You rock. I am also interested in how you came up with the idea. Always interested in what inspires others.
Have a great day.

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