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I haven't posted in a whole week, that's weird.

Got the winter IK yesterday and I have to say that there's nothing in there that really spoke to me. I do like the really preppy brown sweater w/ specks but I don't know if I'm actually going to make it. At this point I seem to rarely get that excited about a new project, I'm sort of schlepping through what I've got at the moment in an effort to cut down on the excessive stash. It's obscene how much CRAP I own.

The only project that's really got me going is my headboard cover, which I've successfully started. I have about 10" square of freeform crochet going and while it's hard, it's also really fun. I don't want many open spaces so it rather limits the variable stitches/textures I can do, I've been mostly doing different directions of the same few stitches. It looks pretty good, imho, and it's interesting to see it develop. I especially like to make small shapes and then crochet them on w/ single crochet. I've been leaving long tails every new color and weaving them in through other colors to give it more texture (I love Unexpected Knitting!), which I think is a really cool trick.

My sister still has the digicam so I will post picks when she returns it.

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November 10, 2003

I would LOVE to do a SnB!!!! Thursdays are good..let me know if you are interested!


November 14, 2003

laugh I just saw your tattoo on that knitters-with-tattoos site… it’s exactly what I was thinking of getting! Where is it on your bod?


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