Happy Birthday to me!

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To celebrate my birthday I went yarn shopping, 20% off coupon in hand, at the Knit & Stitch store in Maplewood. That store is quickly becoming a favorite, even though it's like an hour away and she doesn't carry most of my favorite knitting items (ie Addi Turbo's, Koigu, and Cascade 220). The owner is just so nice though. My mom went with me and even she commented on how friendly and warm the owner is. And the store has a great atmosphere to it, I can't put my finger on what exactly it is but it's just great.


I bought another sweater's worth of Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed, this time in the deep purple color. I really love the feel of this yarn and I couldn't help myself. I also got a skein of Noro (forgot what it's called) to make a thin scarf.

Then today I ordered more yarn from Webs, including the wool/cashmere blend to make myself a cardigan and to make a shawl for my Dad's secretary who's been asking for one for, like, a year. And right now I'm trolling eBay for more stuff. No diet for me, unless it's a diet of excess.

One of my coworkers whom I retaught to knit a few months ago has really taken off with the knitting jones and she came up with a scarf concept that we're going to work on together. I'll post pictures when we have some worked up, but I'm really excited about the idea. We're going to make several and see if we can sell some . . .

Working tomorrow 4pm-11pm, so I'm sure you'll see me online quite a bit, as it'll be beyond dead (like it was today). I'm leaving an hour early today, too. ;o)

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November 27, 2003

I tried to post yesterday, but HAPPY (belated :p) BIRTHDAY!

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