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Why did no one tell me that Kate got her new site up??? HUM?? Go check her out.

I took pictures of my most recent projects today and then promptly left my camera at home so I can't show the pictures to you. As predicted it has been beyond dead here and I could have gotten image editing and uploading done with no worries. Oh well. Tomorrow.

Almost finished with the scarf for Anne. Also finally started ripping out the ribbing on the Silk Road v-neck sweater, damn it's a pain to rip with nubbly yarn. And the seeded rib doesn't just come undone by pulling from the bottom, you have to unwind every single stitch. I gave up after 3 rows and will simply cut that part off when I get home. I do have enough yarn that it doesn't matter if I save that bit anyway. I have no patience for time I could be spending actually KNITTING as opposed to doing other knit-related crap.

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