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So the sleeves of Retro Prep need to be redone. I finally picked one up today again thinking I'd finally get some progress done, when I realized the ladders at each dpn junction were simply out of control. So I'm gonna rip out and do the sleeves flat.

I did manage to finish redoing the bottom of the SLT v-neck pullover. I am in the process of cleaning up a bunch of pics so I'll post them as soon as I can.

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December 03, 2003

Hello fellow blogger,

All this talk of (anti) yarn diets got me thinking about a book swap I was a part of a few years ago. The idea was that one person filled a box with books they no longer wanted, sent the box off with a list of names and addresses and as the box made the rounds of the country, people could pull books out and put books in.

Do you have yarn in your stash you bought on impulse and know it just isn’t for you? Maybe you have leftover skeins from a project that you never want to work with again? Rather than mocking you every time you visit your stash, why not free it from your life.

Would you love to go to the mailbox one day and open a big box of yarn, patterns or needles and pick out a guilt free treat?

I would be happy maintain a list of individuals interested. The way our book swap worked was that the list was done in geographical order, so no-one ever had to wait too long for the package to arrive. You could post to your blog when the package arrives and when you send it off.

Sound interesting? Who knows what fantastic fiber you might find on your doorstep one afternoon?


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