Greetings from LA!

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I'm writing from Los Angeles! And this morning I managed to make it to the Knitterie Parisienne for some light shopping. Only bought the new Knitters (unbelieveably NOT horrible!), the Winter Adrienne Vitadini book, and some of the AV Emma to make a tank top.

The store is really quite nice, they have practically every kind of yarn imaginable. BUT. There is absolutely no order whatsoever in the way it's organized. Not by gauge, color, type, brand, NOTHING. It's all over the place. I didn't go in there looking for anything specific, but I rarely go into a new store looking for something I "need," and the sheer lack of a system made it even harder to purchase anything. I would probably have bought more if I could have seen what they actually had in some sort or logical order. Anyway.

The store was practically packed. There were at least 6 women in there, knitting around the table w/ the owner or milling about the impossibly narrow isles between shelves (no ADA standards in this store, people). Seems like they're doing an excellent business. And the neighborhood it's in is really cute, we went into several shops afterwards and window shopped.

I only brought a Koigu sock to knit while here and my wrist is bothering me so I haven't worked on it much. Plus, I couldn't find a full set of DPNS to cast on with, so I'm only working on 4 needles instead of my preferred 5, AND one of those needles is incredibly sharp, so progress is slow on that sock. The colorway is very sherbert-y, yellows and oranges and pinks, but now that I've gotten to the st st part, it's striping, which isn't what I intended. Oh well they're just socks. I'm sure they'll still feel good on.

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