Erm, Christmas knitting?

Posted on December 25, 2003 by knittingpatterns4you | 2 Comments

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates. Happy Thursday if you don't. For me, today was yet another slow day at work. My entire family is in Brazil for the holiday and I called and spoke to them, but I'm doing nothing at all holiday-like other than trying not to freeze.

It's always interesting to read other people's blogs and see all the frenzied christmas knitting that people tend to mount on themselves. I don't knit for holiday gifts unless the person specifically asked for a knit item. Most people are either going to take your knitting for granted or not appreciate it, but those that specifically ask for an item are likely to value it the way us knitters do. Having said that, I can explain why I did absolutely NO Christmas knitting this year, until the boy (yes there's a boy, and it's good) asked for a scarf. So now I'm knitting a scarf. In black. Ahh, can't escape it, even when you try, right?

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December 29, 2003

Just a pop by to say happy new year! Whoo hoo! SOA’s gorgeous, by the way.


February 04, 2004

Hi there,

Ditto the comments for me from “Allie” on 12/25. I received “Ben & Oliver” products from my sister (she got them from Union Square as well), and now that I’m almost out of my bath soak and soap, I would like to purchase more. Help!


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