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I'm watching the episode of Will & Grace where they try to have a baby the normal way, it is hysterical. And it just occurred to me that Rosario is where I get "lady!" from. HAHAH

I have the first sleeve of SOA done to the wrist ribbing, but I'm not sure it's long enough, so I'm going to knit the second sleeve first and then try the thing on and decide how long they should both be. Look at me, I'm a one-project knitter right now!

I've also found yet another interest that is just murder on my wrists: shooting darts. I've been using Jim's (the boy) darts but now I'm going to get myself a set. I'm not going to get a board for my house, though, cuz I know I'd play too much and completely wreck my wrist. I just ordered Smurf flights and I'm watching a set of hammer head darts on eBay. Hopefully I can get them for half the retail price, since they're expensive. I've been tyring to spend less money so that I can pay off my credit card (yes again) and start saving for the down payment on wherever I'm moving to, I am proud to say I haven't bought clothes since the beginning of the month and I haven't bought yarn in 2 weeks! Woo!

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