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I just checked and the current temperature here is 4 degrees F, feels like -11!!! It is so freakin cold that I can't warm up even after being in the office for several hours. My feet are frozen. I've been wearing yoga pants under my trousers for the last two days, and I've needed them!

I have taken to wearing my fingerless mitts (popup) nonstop at work since I am always cold (I can type AND knit with them on!), and now my new nickname is Gwen Stefani. It's sort of annoying. But I seriously love these things! 100% cashmere . . . yummy. And I waited until they were on sale to buy them! I could of course have knit them, but at this gauge I'm not sure I would bother when I can just buy them. . . though I may end up making another set of them in a more plain color in the future. . . I definitely need to stop spending so much money, and/or get a part time job. It's not that I don't make enough money, it's that I want to spend more than I can! Sigh.

Knittingwise. . .

I finished the Knitty project knitting and just have to block/do finishing work and actually write the pattern, which I think I will tackle tomorrow (day off! woo!). I may have to redo a part of it if blocking doesn't straighten it out a bit . . . the finished item actually came out better than I imagined! Turns out my mind can come up with a design fully-sprung from conception. Who knew?

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January 15, 2004

OOOOhhhhh, love the the cashmere wrist warmers. I want to knit a pair for my 12 year old, but those look so scrumptious. And where did you get them?

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