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Have you ever googled yourself to see what you get? I just did it out of curiosity and ended up finding my old tripod blog!!! With my first ever blog posts! I'd forgotten all about that version. First post was 9/25/01! Wow, reading that old stuff makes me laugh, but now I get to archive it here. So cool.

Speaking of which, I've moved all the archives to an archive blog, which you can find linked on the left under "Archives: Pre '04." That was the solution I came up with to keep the sidebar from stretching forever as I transfer more and more of my old stuff over to TypePad.

Oh, and knittingwise: Am *this close* to finishing the book project's other size. I should have it finished by tonight, then it's back to knitting for ME ME ME!

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January 14, 2004

I know just how you feel. I want to finish up too so I can get back to knitting my sweater!

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