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I'm sitting at the Starbucks in Edgewater using my TMobile membership for once (I pay for unlimited access but end up never using it since I'm online at work all day anyway).

I'm checking blogs, looking up crap, and knitting on SOA, which has gotten to about 10" long in the body and is now at the point where it is so mindless, that I can feel the next cable with my fingertips and only have to glance down at it every few inches or every other row.

There is a guy sitting next to me who keeps giving me sideways glances. I think he's trying to figure out what the heck that mound of red is doing on my lap and why I keep poking at it with silver chopsticks . . . oh good now he's on his phone so hopefully he'll be sufficiently entertained that he won't have to watch me anymore.

Went to Knit n Stitch in Maplewood today as the owner had sent out an email saying she was having some stuff on sale. Ran into Annie Modesitt there! Which is really random, especially considering that we've "known" eachother since forever (in internet time) online, and actually "met" IRL at Stitches East in 2002. However, neither one of us remembers eachother in person and I only realized it was her when she was talking about one of her patterns, and I was all "hi, I'm Ivete from Knotology," and she was like, "OH!" So random.

I was a good girl and only bought a few skeins more of Silk Road Tweed so that I'll have enough to make the Dale v-neck pullover. I really don't think I need this many skeins, I now have 13, but the yarn is the exact same weight/gauge/putup as the Dale FreeStyle, and it calls for 13 skins of THAT yarn, so I talked myself into buying the same amount. My other SRT pullover took only 9 skeins, and the shape is very similar. This one does have a cable detail so maybe that would account for the more yarn . . . but in general I always add 30% more yarn for an all-over cable design, and this pattern isn't all-over cables, so the addition of 40% more yarn seems silly. . .

My two halves are arguing with themselves:
Anal-retentive part of me: "You know you should buy this much, it makes mathematical sense!"
Practical side of me replies: "You know you're going to have 4 skeins leftover."
Anal side: "Well, even so, we can make a scarf or something."
Practical side: "A-HA! So you agree we'll have leftover yarn! Why did you buy it?"
Anal side: "Um, did you just question why I bought yarn?"
Practical side: "Oh yeah. Never mind. At least we'll have more yarn."
Anal side: "That's right. I'm glad we agree."
Practical side (whispers): "We agree I'm right. . ."

(this conversation brought to you by a double-tall skim caramel macchiato drank way too quickly)

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