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Well, I've gotta say that Rogue is flying off the needles, even though I worked on SOA most of today and only picked Rogue up at night. I'm done with the bottom part, and the kangaroo pocket, and now I'm on the body part that is behind the kangaroo pocket. I'm on row 17 of Chart A and I just wanted to note on here one change I've made:

The chart symbol which looks like a big bracket, "decrease 4 (close loop)," is written in such a way that the last remaining stitch isn't centered over the 5 sts that you start with. That really bothers me. ;o) So I changed the order of the slipped stitches to make it centered. Also there are no notes as to whether to slip as if to knit or as if to purl, which also leaves it not-symetrical. I think the beauty of cables/knots is in the perfection . . . even though I'm not usually a "fussy" knitter. =)

Basically you have 5 stitches which you have to pass over eachother until you have just one left. So what I did is slip the first stitch knitwise onto the right needle, pass that over the second stitch. You now have 4 sts to work with.
Slip the last of these stitches over the 3rd st. Now you have 3 sts.
Slip the 1st of these knitwise and then slip it over the 2nd st. 2 sts left.
Finally sl the 2nd st over the 1st st. You now only have one st left. Purl that one. And you're done!

This gives a neater finish to the top of the cable loop and centers the last stitch in the middle of the lopp, so that you have less chance of a hole forming as you purl those surrounding stitches.

Oh, and another note: don't try knitting the hem facing in after you knit the first 12 rows of the body. I did the hem facing in twisted stockinette and tried to knit it in so as to avoid finishing work later. Anyway. Not only are there not the same amount of stitches on the cast on edge and by the 12th row of the body, but also the twisted hem makes a diagonal fabric that pukers about halfway around . . . anyway, unless you have more patience than me, don't try it.

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