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Dude, I am still in love with this sweater. I'm now past the part where you join the kangaroo pocket to the body and I'm zipping right on up. I managed to leave half my pattern at home (the half w/ the symbol definitions) so at this point I'm sitting at work trying to guess what different chart symbols mean. ;o) If I get stuck I'll just go back to the SOA.

Another Rogue tip: Keep the last K st before the side cable panel REALLY tight or you will get a very ugly transition!

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February 01, 2004

That reminds me—I meant to put a general chart and abbrevation key on the site.

Then I thought, “what’s the rush? I’ll get to it whenever.”

Now I see that there’s a reason to do it sooner rather than later.

(BTW, on keeping the last knit st tight before the side panel: depends on your knitting style. I use the combined method, and staring at the Rogue I’m wearing right now, there’s no transition problem. I don’t have that problem with my ribbings either.)


February 01, 2004

Oh, another thing: don’t fight the bias in the twisted stockinette hem. Let it settle as it pleases before sewing it in.

I did both types of hems (the other one being the 1×1 rib), and I prefer the twisted st st. It’s nice and tight and flat, it stretches, but thanks to the skew, it doesn’t stretch quite as much as if it was unskewed (maybe my imagination is skewed, but I think mine behaves that way).

I did knit my hem in place as I was working the body, but (a) I allowed the stitches to find their natural matching purl bump; (b) I only knit every other stitch from the hem in place; and © I didn’t knit up the hem on the side panels; I sewed those parts in place afterwards.

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