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It hit me today as I wound another skein of the 1824 to start a sleeve for Rogue that I almost definitely don't have enough yarn. I don't really even know how much yarn I had, other than I vaguely remember buying 13 skeins for the AV sweater I initially made with it. . . and I know I got a partial skein from someone on the Knitlist when I ran out of yarn on THAT sweater.

IF I have 13 skeins, it's only 1105 yards. Whereas the pattern calls for 1300.

After trying it on again, it really could probably stand to lose an inch or two in length. Which may or may not be enough to make the yarn stretch through two sleeves and a huge hood. . . I don't know if I want to risk it or not.

I have enough in the purple Jo Sharp yarn that was meant for Tuja to use for Rogue instead . . . but I'm not sure I want to make Rogue in deep purple.

So tomorrow I'm gonna go out and troll for yarn. I really don't mind the idea of knitting it again -- what's bothering me is the idea that this damn 1824 yarn will be ripped AGAIN.

Some yarn is just cursed, I think.

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February 10, 2004

I hear ya about the yarn! And recently I spent $1000 on car for a 30k tune up and a new tire and rim due to BIG pothole. It sucks but I like knowing my car is ok. I’ve been waiting three weeks so far for my 1824 to come in with no call from the shop yet. Is it bad to go to another shop and buy it after waiting that long?

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