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Yeah, yeah, I know that's not a word. Sue me.

On Saturday I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and get some stuff finished up that should have been finished ages ago. Like Jim's (the boy) scarf. I wove in all the ends and everything, even washed it. Then he tried it on and it's way too short. Somewhere in my brain the concept that he's 6'3" didn't click and the scarf is long enough for my 5'5" frame. . . I'm not sure it was even a subconscious "make it for myself" problem since I am not likely to crave an acrylic scarf in Jets colors. . .

But as I was saying. I did technically finish the scarf. ;o)

I also finally finally FINALLY sewed in the last ends and blocked the Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed V-neck sweater and I'm wearing it today! Woo!! It's only been done since December. . . don't know why I do this to myself. I really LOVE this sweater. The body length is perfect, it's just roomy enough but not baggy, and the sleeves' being too long is easily fixed by turning them back.

The fabric softened nicely after washing with shampoo. I'd recommend this yarn to anyone who likes "traditional" yarns but doesn't want scratchy Shetland (not that I personally think Shetland is scratchy). It has a great spongy feel to it, like a towel almost, but it's crisp and tweedy visually. The different colored flecks really give it depth. I'm so glad I bought enough of it in purple to make another sweater, the purple is really beautiful with the different shaded flecks in it.

And speaking of purple, that v-neck pullover from VK that I started cuz I couldn't work on Rogue? The knitting's finished and I have half of it seamed up already. IF I manage to not put it aside, this will by far take the prize for my fastest-finished item EVER. I cast on for it on Tuesday night . . . that's just incredible. Not even a week! Even at 4 sts/inch I'm still shocked.

Also working on a baby sweater for the boy's sister who is due in April. I have only one sleeve done so far. . . better get going on that. It's in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in pale blue, done on size 3 needles. The fabric this yarn makes is just butter in your hands, I have enough of it at home to make myself a sweater. But it's kind of a PITA to knit with, it tends to unravel and twist up on itself (how a yarn can do both is beyond me).

OH! And how could I forget to mention! The boy got me a gift certificate to the LYS for V-day. How great is that?!?!?

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February 19, 2004

A GC to the LYS? Now that is true love. :) That boy’s a keeper.


February 16, 2004

Holy cow! Less than a week? That’s amazing. Pics, please? And I love that Jo Sharp, too, so much. I did the ribby cardie by Bonne Marie in it, and the stripes were in that deep purple. Luscious.

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