I so had an interesting

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I so had an interesting post to type up but have now forgotten what it was about.

In the meantime here's my knitting progress:

Have inexplicably been drawn to finishing up SIPs projects (I don't think I've ever said that before). Finished the butt-ugly Koigu sock that I started in DECEMBER. Also finished the green on green Regia Ringel sock and have turned the heel on its mate (holy crap I may actually make a pair of socks before I realize it!).

Am knitting a second Charlotte's Web shawl using the leftover yarn from the first one and a bit of Koigu left over from a wrap I made a while ago. This one isn't nearly as pretty but it's not bad. Will be a gift for the sister if she likes it, otherwise a coworker will claim it, I'm sure.

Rearranged my room the other day and found yet more yarn and projects I had forgotten about. Will spend some time tomorrow & Saturday going through and figuring those out.

Tomorrow morning I am being woken up @ 8am to babysit. Oh, the things you do for people you care about. I haven't babysat since I was 16. And I don't like kids. If we're both alive by the time I have to go into work, I'll be proud.

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