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So I actually finished the second Regia Ringel sock! Imagine that, I have a pair of socks. They almost match, too, except there was a break in the yarn so the color bands shifted b/c of that, they would have matched perfectly otherwise. I'm happy with them anyway, they're clearly similar enough to be a pair.

I had started a pullover in green Tahki Davos yarn a while ago, and the other day I picked it up and have the second sleeve almost finished. The front & back are already done, too, so this should be done shortly. It has a time-consuming neckline but the finishing itself is going to be easy. I'm not even sure I can wear this shade of green, but whatever. Worse comes to worse I'll give it away.

Also started the "Salt Peanuts" sweater from the latest IK. Except I'm making it in purple Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed. I have both sleeves finished and the back started. I'll be making it shorter than the pattern calls for though, I do not look good in butt-length cardigans/sweaters.

Also working on my pattern for the first issue of Chiagu. I'm challenging myself with this pattern, it's the most complicated thing I've ever designed before so it's taking a while. And I haven't even really begun the knitting portion of it at all, I'm just working on the graphing/sizing at this point!

It's funny how inspiration hits you -- I had the idea for this item for a while, then I bought a book that had the perfect colorwork chart for it, then I got an idea for how to photograph the finished item . . . and the image of that photo is what's kept me going with this design! I want to take that picture! So strange. I amuse myself sometimes (hell, who'm I kidding, I amuse myself OFTEN).

Off to knit at work and read The Hithikers Guide to the Galaxy. Trying not to think about what a gorgeous day it is outside while I'm stuck in this pit.

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April 19, 2004

I think Chiagu is a great idea, and I’m already working on a pattern for it. I hope it will be ok.

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