Salt Peanuts and yarn habit

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I finished sewing up Salt Peanuts over the weekend, and have almost all the ends woven in. The neckline doesn't want to sit down so I'll have to block it and/or sew it down. I'm glad I made it shorter, it's hip-length and that's perfect for me. I didn't realize there was a knitalong going for it. Will post pictures hopefully tomorrow when it's blocked.

I also finished knitting and sewing up the dark green Davos sweater that I started a long time ago. That one also has lots of ends still left to sew in. I really liked the original idea for that sweater, which was very much like a "ballet" sweater -- wide neck, short body, loose and comfy to throw on over something else. However, I made it to fit me the way I like most sweaters to fit, which is fairly form-fitting (I was on sizing auto pilot, I guess). So it doesn't have that casual ballet look I was going for. I had one of my smaller friends try it on and it looks perfect on her, very 80's feeling. But it's not for her. SO. I had to rethink this project, and ended up adding several inches to the body length in order to make it more of a standard-looking sweater. I also added some simple lace to the bottom hem. Hopefully I'll like the way it looks once it's blocked and the ends aren't hanging everywhere.

Also finished knitting and sewed up the tank in Denim Silk that is on the cover of VK. This one I made too big, aparently. I still think I'm fatter than I am, I guess. The top is too lose and therefore isn't becoming on me. I am going to perform some surgery on the side seams and possibly add some length to the body and see if it looks better. Or I may just rip it all out and do something else. The crisscross detail brings even more attention to my already obvious cleavage, and I'm not sure I'm into that look . . . I didn't want to do anything drastic last night when I first tried it on, though, b/c it was 5am. Gotta love staying up to finish that project, then slipping it on and it's no good. =(

My yarn closet gave up a long time ago.

After that picture I posted last week, I bought even more yarn. Seriously. I went to the Flying Fingers shop in Irvington that Annie also posted about -- there I scored some cotton/acrylic at a deep discount, which will hopefully become something cute and springy. I also bought one skein of a cotton/wool blend to swatch with, and two skeins of laceweight bamboo yarn in yellows, greens and blues to make a shawl/poncho. That yarn I just fell in love with, it looks like it will drape SO well. It seems like lots of people in blogland are knitting with bamboo yarn these days. . .

THEN, yesterday, I was surfing the ring and ran across Action Hero's miniskirt in Esprit from Elann, and I just had to copy her. So I ordered Esprit for that skirt, and then I just had to order some other Katia yarn to make either a pullover or another skirt, depending on how much I like the color once it arrives.

I love this time of year b/c everything's on sale!! But this really needs to stop ASAP, or I'll have to knit myself a new apartment to live in since I won't be able to afford the rent to house the yarn.

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May 14, 2004

I made the top from the cover of VK in Berroco Glace.

It has a sag problem so I’m not happy with the neckline and will be re-doing it. I hope you post pictures of your top so I can see some other versions of it.

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