The woes of couch shopping

Posted on June 22, 2004 by knittingpatterns4you | 4 Comments

So my parents, sister and I went couch shopping yesterday and ended up with NOTHING. Of course.

Why is it impossible to buy a couch? Either it's not comfy, or it only comes in tweeds that look like my grandfather's jackets, or it's a whole lot more than we want to spend! And how in the hell are you supposed to know what color couch to buy if you are moving in with your sister, who has the complete opposite taste in decorating AND no imagination for picturing your color scheme ideas?

My parents kept pushing us to get a plain black leather couch. To us (thankfully this is one thing we agreed on), a black leather couch screams "sopranos" way too much to be anywhere in a North Jersey home inhabited by two latin girls. Same couch in blue or red? The blue was very blahhh, the red very cheesey. The nice green? Discontinued.

I felt like declaring that we don't need a couch and we'll just make lots of floor pillows and arrange them together into a couch-shape.

But I already knew what my sister's opinion of this non-traditional setup would have been (in case you're wondering: horror).

Any tips from blogland on this earth-shattering issue?

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June 26, 2004

I would likely buy a comfy, affordable, fugly sofa. When you and your sister agree on a design scheme you can then drape the sofa in throws, honking big pieces of fabric, or slip cover it.
I recently went through this with a friend of mine who was searching for a sofa and boy, they do have some doozies for fabrics out there. The hands down worst was the one that looked like they’d taken a dirty sail and used it as a ceiling cover in a bar for a few decades, and then printed little half pygmy half chimpanzee characters all over it who were tossing coconuts around under the palm trees while flamingoes flew by. Yuck!
She wound up ordering from the lay-z-boy store online and custom picking everything.
Good Luck!


June 23, 2004

I’ve always said: You can’t find the perfect purse, the perfect couch or the perfect man.


June 24, 2004

What about a microfibre couch? That seems modern enough without seeming trendy, and I bet you’d have a decent colour selection.


June 25, 2004

Maybe try the thrift store? Lots of older furniture is better built than the stuff that’s available new; and with what you’ll save on the purchase, you can get it upholstered in a fabric you both like.

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