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Posted on August 13, 2004 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

Anyone who's been reading this blog for any given length of time will likely be aware of my addiction to shopping. Well, new job = new wardrobe needs, so I went shopping (shocker!). Check out the shoe haul:


They're all some sort of Nine West (two of them are related brands from the outlet), and they were all deeply discounted. All three pairs for less than $100. Don't tell me "buy one get one 50% off" and expect me to just walk away! I'm especially in love with the pink flats on the right, I wore them yesterday and they are totally comfortable, I already know they'll be a new "everyday" shoe.

And lest you think no knitting gets done b/c of all this shopping, here's proof of my recent productivity:


All shawls which I finally got around to weaving in ends for, they're waiting for a blocking party which should hopefully happen tomorrow. I'm on vacation this week but the weather's bad so we decided to skip the Cape, I gotta do something with this time! (other than shop)

From left to right:
Beige and brown Lost Points Shawl (for me); Shaded browns basic shawl in Katia Idea Jeans (for my supervisor); Bright pink basic shawl in vintage Valentino alpaca/wool yarn (for my friend Emma); Kelly green poncho in TLC cotton yarn (for my friend Anne, my own design, will be in Chiagu); Second Charlotte in Koigu leftovers (for my sister).

Aside: The picture quality's much better lately, isn't it? I can hardly believe I can finally take a decent digital picture, I never ended up buying the new digicam.

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August 20, 2004

those pink shoes on the left are to die for! i need to find me a nine west outlet. just wanted to stop by and say that i enjoy your blog. :)

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