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First, here's a rare model shot of mySalt Peanuts sweater:


You may possibly notice that it's currently pinned closed with my darning needle. =)

This came out too big, and when I was making it I thought the body did seem too roomy, but I kept at it b/c I was too lazy to resize it. Lesson learned yet again, but at least this one isn't too SMALL to wear. The sleeves are too long but I don't mind that, I can roll them if they really bother me. I absolutely ADORE the yarn, Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed. It softens up so much when you wash it and it creates a fabric that doesn't even seem knitted, it's almost felted together. And it's warm and soft. Possibly my new favorite yarn.

Next up, the Loopy scarf I designed for the shop:


Click for a detail shotThis is similar to the scarf in Nicky Epstein's new Knitting on the Edge book, it takes 4 skeins of String cashmere. It was a fun, quick project, only took about 5 hours including the finishing! Pattern is currently available in the store, will see about getting it online at some point.

And finally, the hat in this picture is the project I started yesterday for the shop:


This is sized for a two-year-old, and the other item will be a matching poncho. How cute is that!?!?

* I'm off to the gym now (really!), I swear I don't usually wear stretch pants.

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September 25, 2004

what fabulous knits!


September 29, 2004

that scarf looks fabulous. would definitely make a great gift. and i dare not attempt stretch pants at the gym or anywhere else.


September 08, 2004

Hey ’vete,
Good to see you back. Love the scarf and Salt Peanuts!


September 09, 2004

I think Salt Peanuts looks perfect on you! I really like the scarf! Please share the pattern.


September 10, 2004

I LOVE that scarf. That would make a nice Holiday gift.


September 07, 2004

I love salt peanuts! It looks a little big, but really not too much at all. (for the record…I’m wearing stretch pants right now, and I’m not on my way to the gym.)

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