Many Projects, Little Time

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I know I'm not the only one who wishes for this, but lately I've found myself dreaming of having a few extra hours each day to just relax or KNIT -- my work hours aren't so bad, but I do work 6 days a week and when you add in the commute, I'm lucky to have two hours free to do something fun on a workday. And Sunday's are for laundry. Yuck.

Speaking of no time, I recently went a bit crazy buying yarn and picking new projects, and now I've reached that point (again!) where I feel that I have to knit what I have and am not allowed to buy ANYTHING else until I finish a few things. He're a project rundown, more for my records than anything else:

Adam Blanket -- The biggest project I have going is a blanket for Adam, currently I'm graphing out the design for it. He wanted a pretty complicated emblem in it which requires me to knit at a finer gauge, so I'm making a 6 foot long blanket on . . . wait for it . . . size 7 needles. (I knit loose, my gauge is 4.5 sts/inch on this needle) It's a good thing he knows enough about knitting (or my knitting, anyway) to realize this will NOT be done for the holidays, which start next week! =)

Kersti Scraps Blanket -- My Kersti scarps blanket has evolved. I started according to plan and cast on a bunch of stitches, knitted in seed stitch, and immediately decided it was too freakin' slow (did I mention this is also on size 7's?), so I switched to a modified "seed" sort of stitch by working one row of K1,P1 and two rows stockinette. I got to about the 6th color repeat and looked at the thing -- it is Ugly, with a capital U. So I've now started it again, this time I'm going to make a patchwork-style blanket with squares of each color, but in order to increase the likelihood that I'll actually sew the thing up, I'm knitting strips instead of squares. Finished the first color, then put it aside to knit Adam's blanket. This one won't be done before next year, mark my words.

String Projects -- I took home a big project for the store which needs to be done ASAP, and I also have one other project that has been languishing but needs to be done within the next 2 weeks. The big project is my priority this weekend, the other will be finished next week (I'm so bored with it, otherwise it would have been done already)

Hats -- It's getting cold here in NYC and I realized the other day that I don't own a single hat. Not one. I know for a fact that I made myself at least 3 hats since '02, but I have no idea where they've gone. So I made myself a hat using Margrite Bulky, which is my new favorite (affordable) yarn. It's almost as soft as cashmere but a third the price. Only problem is that I didn't do my math right and the hat's a bit small, so I have to start over. This is the current theme in my hat projects, as I started a hat for Adam in the same yarn and, guess what? It's too small. Even stranger is that it's too small AND the fabric is too loose. What talent I have.

I will try to post some pictures in the next few days!

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