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Nake-id Knit started this "My Stuff" thing from Vanity Fair:

Grooming Products

Shampoo -- Thermasilk/Dove/Pantene
Moisturizer -- L'Occitane and Ben & Oliver
Cologne -- Glo and Carolina
Razor -- Intuition
Toothpaste -- Mentadent Whitening


Cell phone -- Motorola flip phone, an old one
Computer -- 2 year old Dell desktop
Television -- borrowed Phillips
Stereo -- my computer or the one in my car


Sheets -- Martha Stewart sheets from KMart
Coffee-maker -- Mr Coffee
Car -- Scion Xa
Stationery -- are you kidding?


Bottled water -- NYC tap, or Poland Spring
Coffee -- Folgers or Serafina drip
Vodka -- Whatever's the well in my mixed drink
Beer -- Bass, Yuengling


Jeans -- More pairs than I need, my favorite are Arden B
T-shirt -- leftover from college or cute ones from Banana
Briefcase or tote -- Levi's corduroy bag
Sneakers -- out of style Diesels
Watch -- Citizen solar powered watch

Favorite Places
Starbucks, my boyfriend's apartment, my bed

Necessary Extravagance
Too much clothing and yarn, eating out for every meal

Come on, everybody's doing it!


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