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I'm still not around and still haven't gotten my camera back, many apologies that this blog has become so freakin' boring lately! I do have tons of projects going on, many which are even interesting. For those wondering, I'm hoping to get the first designs for Chiagu up before mid-March. . . which of course is way past when I moved the launch to, but you know what? I'd rather do it right and late than rushed and now.

The post title comes from yesterday:

Went to a housewarming party for a friend and as she's showing us her new room, she says, "oh Ivete, I wanted to show you what I got!" So I reply, "Let me guess, it has to do with knitting?" She says yes, so I reply, "Why do I feel one-dimensional right now?" Everyone laughs and she starts to apologize while digging out a Denise interchangeable needle set, and as I'm looking at it I say, "That's alright, I am sort of one-dimensional."

She shows me the needles and starts to explain it to me, and I immediately identify the brand and type AND give her a tip on keeping the cables and needles connected tightly.

My boyfriend goes, "Why am I not surprised that not only are you familiar with this 'rare' gadget, but you also have recommendations on how to use it?"

Me = one-dimensional. At least in the last few months. At work, when people ask me how I got to learn so much since I'm so young, I usually reply, "Knitting is my life. It's a good thing I know this much, or that would just be sad."


Completely unrelated: I'm going on vacation at the end of the month! Adam and I are going to visit my parents in Brazil. Yay!

Even more unrelated: Yay Pats! I hate the Eagles.

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February 17, 2005

I found your blog by searching for knitting & yarns in Brazil. I am assuming that you are from Brazil, since you mention in this entry that your parents are there, but I could be wrong! My hubby is going to Sao Paolo for business and I was hoping he could bring me back some yarn from Brazo; but I’m having a hard time finding anything by googling. I did find Circulo but that’s about it. I’m mostly wondering what kinds of yarns are available in Brazil and if there are yarn/craft shops in Sao Paolo that I can send my hubby to. Any information you can give me would be awesome!
Cheers :D

Judy Ellison
Judy Ellison

March 04, 2006

Just wondering how you liked the Denise Interchangeable needles. I am thinking of buying a set for a gift for a new knitter. I have the Boye Interchangeables myself and love them but am looking for more info on the Denises. Thanks.

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