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I'm back from a too-short vacation and have actually been responsibly catching up on everyday stuff (like paying bills). Also did a small facelift to this place, hope you like it. More cheerful.

I decided to check my stats, and as usual I can't believe some of the searches that bring people here. For fear of causing even more hits from people searching for these words, I'm typing *'s in the really strange ones.

Two people came here by searching for "ba*g f*etish" (they were linked to my bags post)

One person got here by searching for "p*lastic ba*g f*etish" (this one really freaks me out)

One person searched for information on The Gates, and my post with pictures was the last hit on the first page! That's pretty amazing, actually.

One person got here by searching for "Ivete Tecedor" -- this one makes me wish I could track visitors somehow. Who's trying to find me? *shiver*

I promise a real post tomorrow. I finished my Clapotis!

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March 07, 2005

I got one the other day looking for “full frontal man”! None of that on my page, that’s for sure! I’m sure that they were dissapointed to see a sleeve on a FI sweater instead of porn! Welcome back.

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