Back from Maryland!

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And what a beatiful day it was! The weather couldn't have been more perfect -- bright and sunny, with a steady breeze. Adam (the Boy) and I drove down yesterday morning and made great time, didn't get lost at all, and found a parking spot quickly. The amount of cars was incredible, it was like being back at Penn State on a home football game day!

I was on a hunt to find new sources of handpainted yarns to carry in the shop (no such luck unfortunately) and to see as much as possible. Adam can listen to me talk about yarn for about an hour before his eyes start to cross, so we split up the yarn shopping with looking at sheep and eating, and he made it through with flying colors. At the end he was a little bored, but I'm impressed with how long he held up!

Anyway, I looked and looked and looked, and even picked up a thing or two thinking of buying, but in the end nothing came home with me except for this Morehouse Merino Cami Kit:


I'd never seen this in person before but had shopped the website, and so I just had to get it when I saw it. I love that they sell this as one big skein, so there are fewer ends to worry about! I hate weaving in ends more than anything else about knitting. This color is gorgeous, too -- unfortunately since we were there at the end of the show there weren't many options to pick from, but I liked this color so much that I bought it even though it's a "quince" hank and you only need a "quad" to knit the cami.

I have to say that the people working in that booth were some of the nicest in the show. They were friendly and helpful, and when I said I would buy this even though it's more than I need, they offered to send me a pattern for a small scarf that I could make with the leftovers! Definitely great customer service, it was even more than I need or expect, actually!

Possibly the best part of the show was the food -- we had shish kabobs and fresh made potato chips, and FUNNEL CAKE! I am incapable of passing a funnel cake booth without pigging out. It's not the kind of thing you see often, and it reminds me of summers at the Jersey Shore.

The only thing that would have made the show better would have been to meet up with people. . . . I don't plan on going back in the future, as the drive is too long, but I'll be going to Rhinebeck, so hopefully I can meet up then!

(what I learned from this trip: I really do have too much yarn. How is it possible to spend 3 hours shopping and come home with only one kit? By touching everything and immediately thinking of the exact same style thing you have at home already! I know what I like, and don't buy the rest -- unfortunately for the vendors, I'd already bought a LOT of what I do like, and it's in my closet waiting to be knit!)

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May 10, 2005

I knit this cami kit in the largest size and used only 3 skeins, so you’ll have plenty left over. Hint: knit a smaller size than you think: I made the largest, thinking I would need it over my 36C 41" bust. It’s way too big; wish I’d done it smaller.

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