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We haven't had a chance to get online since we left, so there's a lot to talk about. The flight to San Francisco was awful, complete with whinny child, smelly neighbors, and delays. But we'll talk about fun stuff, instead!

This is Adam and I at the official start of our trip -- we're touching the Pacific!


It was a very foggy day, so that's all you could see of the Golden Gate Bridge behind us (click on image for a big picture)

I realize not everyone will care about this trip, so click below to keep reading. . . knitting talk will be scarce! If you just want to check out all the photos we took, go to the Ofoto site.

We didn't have much time in San Fran (actually, we're rushing through most of the country), but we did hit a few key San Francisco sites. We had clam chowder at Fisherman's Warf, went to the Golden Gate Bridge (as you can see above, it was very foggy), Ghirardelli Square, and Haight/Ashbury. We had dinner with Adam's cousins that night, and the next morning we set off for Yosemite.

The ride to Yosemite was beautiful, we saw many examples of the "Golden Hills of California." By the time we got to the national forest outside Yosemite, we were stopping all the time to take pictures of the scenery. It was amazing.

When we got to Yosemite, we went to check in to Curry Village. We had a momentary scare when they told us they had us booked to arrive the next day, but that was easily resolved. We saw our "cabin tent" and put our food away in a bear locker, then we went to explore the lower Yosemite Falls trail. We got info on all the other trails, and the Upper Yosemite Falls trail seemed the most intriguing -- 6 to 8 hours round trip, all the way to the top of the waterfall. Having never hiked a day in my life, I agreed to go with Adam the next morning.

We woke up early, got coffee, covered ourselves with sunblock and bugspray, and set off. After literally 10 minutes of hiking up rocks, I was already winded. Long story short, I couldn't go further than about half-way (also known as the "easy part" before the "very strenous" part). So I stayed at a lookout called Columbia Rock while Adam hiked up a bit further, then we went down. I am SO sore from that! And now I know that no matter what you hear on Will & Grace, hiking is NOT walking. ;o)

More later, this internet connection is too slow to upload photos from. . .

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July 25, 2005

Sounds like you all ae having a great time. Enjoy!

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