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I bound off my Koigu shawl yesterday and started writing up the pattern. This is that last push on any project, where you really need to MAKE yourself weave in those ends, pull out those blocking wires, and (for me) write down what you did and proof it. Hopefully you'll all get to see it by next weekend!

In the meantime, I'm knitting the deep V vest from the new VK, see?


That's the finished back, and the start of the front. It's K1P1 rib, but because I'm knitting it a bit loosely to get gauge, the fabric looks more interesting than a plain rib. I have never worn a vest in my LIFE, but this one has a plunging V which I think would be great over a tank top. And in the winter, our store is so hot that I can't wear sweaters to work, so maybe a vest will actually get worn. AND this is a tunic-length vest, and I'm currently into wearing longer tops with shorter skirts, so this vest clearly fits into the "making to wear it" and not the "making to make it" category. Which is rare for me.

The yarn is Dale's Free Style, which I had originally bought to make Rogue. I couldn't get gauge on this yarn for Rogue, and I tried to sell the yarn off in my destashing prior to the road trip but no one bought it. So last week I was trying to find something in my stash to make this vest in (the original uses Colinette Prism, which I absolutely love but didn't have stashed), and this gave me gauge, so there you have it.

It's a good thing I'm stash diving for once, too, because my stash closet has gotten monstrous. I'm in the process of organizing and hopefully doing at least a basic inventory of what's in there, will document the process with photos for everyone else to see at a later date.

I also got a new toy, which isn't completely knitting-related but still makes me excited for posibilities:


This is an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax. It was on sale, and after rebate will have cost me only $80. So if it turns out to only last a year, it will still be a good deal! I haven't had a printer in over 2 years, and I never really needed one before, but I couldn't pass up this cutie at such a great price. I haven't played with it much yet, but I can see projects in the future involving scanning ideas instead of ripping them out of a magazine and pasting them in my idea book . . .

Off to read blogs and knit the vest. This is a super-quick knit and should be done this week. My fingers are itching to knit a circular shawl . . . and I probably don't have anything appropriate in the stash. ;o)

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