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Look! The lovely Flowerbasket Shawl is modeling one of my new ladybug stitch markers! (oh yes, and the wonderful Addi Turbo also consented to this exploitation, with the condition that I publicly thank her for being the best set of needles a girl could own). Since these are size 7 needles, I'm using this marker on its second ring, and I just makes me happy everytime I look at it.

The little ladybug is marking my center stitch, which is actually helping me keep going on this shawl, even though I'm already bored and ready for something else. I have 9 repeats done and want to do about 14, so I'm close to being done, but since the rows get bigger and bigger, it's now taking what seems like forever. And it's too big to knit on the bus, so I can't even carry it around with me. But knowing that half-way through the row, I'll hit my happy little bug . . . well, it helps some. =)

I'm going after work today (if I get out early enough) to buy more beads and supplies, so check back at the Chiagu store often to see what else is new. And if anyone is interested in selling their handmade stuff in the Chiagu store, email me for more info.

And on a different note:

String is looking to hire a few people to do finishing work. The person must be able to come to the Manhattan store and pick up projects, do the finishing without supervision, and drop them off in a timely manner. If you're interested, please call the store or email us.

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