Crazy New York Experience #562

Posted on October 13, 2005 by knittingpatterns4you | 3 Comments

So after work today, I walked through the non-stop rain to my car, which was parked in that elusive perfect spot less than a block away from the store (this almost never happens).

Right in front of my perfect spot, double parked in the street, was a giant moving truck. With no one inside. Blocking me in.

I looked and looked, peered inside, knocked on the back, nothing. I got in my car (through the passenger door), beeped a whole lot, nothing. So I called 311 (the best invention EVER) and asked the guy who answered what I could do in this situation. I was hoping he could send a cop over, but he told me all he could do was file a report, did I want to do that? I said if it would get the truck a parking ticket, that would make me feel marginally better. So we went through the steps, I got my confirmation number, and got back in my car. 15 minutes had gone by already.

At this point I decided to try to back my car up onto the sidewalk and see if I could drive out between the back of the truck and the car that was parked behind me. So I start inching back and forth, turning my steering wheel any way I could think of, trying to inch onto the sidewalk without hitting either the truck or the Mercedes behind me. Every time someone walked past or drove by, I stopped, embarrassed and looking like a madwoman stuck behind this huge truck in my roller-skate of a car. At one point a car drove up behind the truck and stopped, with his lights on, exactly where I had planned to drive out if I ever managed to back up onto the sidewalk.

A minute later, a man walks up to my window and asks if I'm trying to get out. I tell him my plan, he looks around and calculates, and tells me he thinks I can do it. Then he proceeds to give me instructions on how to back up! With his help, and another 20 minutes off my life, I managed to back my car up onto the sidewalk, drive it in reverse down the block past 3 cars, and out onto the street at the next fire hydrant.

When I got back onto the street and was FREE, I got out of my car and ran to the guy. I thanked him, oh, 15 times in a row. Then I gave him a hug, which I'm sure freaked him out. I told him I work down the block and if he ever needed anything, to come to String! My good samaritan said you're welcome and got back into his car to talk on the phone.

That's a whole lotta karma from one parking spot!

The Aurora cabled cardi is done and even the button's on, but in this weather I can't seem to get a decent photo. It'll have to wait until the sun exists again.

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October 14, 2005

That’s insane! Good thing you didn’t have to travel an hour out of your way after all that stress before heading home. Glad you made it out in 1 piece.


October 24, 2005

Silly truck, blocking your way! Good thing someone stopped to help you!

Once, my car was blocked on the driver’s side by this ENORMOUS suv. With literally 6 inches of space. I had to crawl through the passenger’s side to get into my car. I left a nasty message on the suv’s window. No, not on the car! I believe in karma!


October 14, 2005

That was so nice!

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