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Ah, it's that time of year when shopping becomes aerobic activity, and I love it! I've hit the outlet mall twice just this week, and got two new pairs of boots, both on sale. And a cute jacket that was originally $200, marked down to $79 . . .

And of course, the sales extend to yarn, too!

This week at work, we started doing a Special of the Week sale -- the first sale item is Noro Canna, which went on sale today. Unfortunately for everyone else, one lucky woman caught the sale way early (as in, within an hour of it going live) and bought out half the stock, so there's not much left, but at 50% off it's still a great deal! Go check it out!

I've been working hard on the String website and new stuff is going up almost every day. I've also set up a new blog over on the String site, where we'll be posting news and pictures of people's projects. Even though the winter season's in full swing, we're still getting new stuff in all the time. Last week we got new colors of Classic Elite Embrace and the new Classic Elite angora/cashmere/merino yarn, Allure, which I've already knit a scarf out of . . .

Is it any wonder I can't seem to stop shopping?

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