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Posted on December 26, 2005 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

I was wandering around the blogs this morning and a new (to me) blog really impressed me, you should all go read Spinning my Life Away, I can't believe the stuff she knits and the sheer volume of amazing knitting, everything from Starmores to lace to gloves! Check her out!

I plan to have the new yarn post up by the end of the day, I spent yesterday cleaning, organizing, and doing laundry. Today I have even more laundry to do, sweaters to wash and a shawl to block. Pictures soon, I promise! Oh, and I'm half-done with a new sweater, and I have the Embrace sweater finished to show you. . ..

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Anea MK Botton
Anea MK Botton

January 21, 2006

Thanks so much for the Spinning My Life Away link! A great read, as is your fun little spot in the blogosphere. Your projects are just marvelously inspiring, thank you! I’m lucky if I can putz out a pair of socks, for cryin’ out loud, so seeing what other talented needle artists do is my way of living vicariously in the yarny world.

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