Snowy New Year's

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This is what it looks like down my street. The snow is coming down softly and looks beautiful and peaceful, I'm really enjoying it!

That's the way it is at the beginning of winter, snow makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. I like to revel in it while I can, because I know that by the time Easter rolls around, the thought of snow will make me want to punch a wall. ;o)

Thanks for all the comments no my new sweater! I'll try to get a picture of the other completed sweater over the weekend. I've got MAJOR startitis, have started 4 new projects this week, so I should have lots of fun stuff to show you over the next few days. I'm half-way through another pullover and am almost done writting two new patterns. I also have new books and products to review on the Chiagu site.

Speaking of which, starting in January I'm starting a new contest for Chiagu customers. For each pattern purchased, you get one "entry" into the contest. At the end of the month, I'll pick one winner randomly, and they will receive a copy of a book or product that was reviewed on the site. I have a stack of books to work up next, and 3 new products to share with you. So check back often to see what's new!

Happy New Year to all! I'm spending tonight with the Law & Order marathon, it's too cold and wet to go out, and I hate that I can't kiss Adam at midnight because he's away, so I've decided to stay in, drink hot chocolate, knit, and watch reruns. Hope you get to do what you choose tonight, too! Enjoy and be safe!

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December 31, 2005

Alas, I think that snow is going to cock-up our party plans, but I’m down for the Law & Order Marathon. Sadly, Joe doesn’t share my fondness. Happy New Year to you!


January 05, 2006

How beautiful……Im green with envy!

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