How about Secret Option #3?

Posted on January 27, 2006 by knittingpatterns4you | 2 Comments


So even though I appreciate all the votes for the blue yarn, I completely changed my mind (as I, and all sane females, reserve the right to do in any situation), and went for another color altogether. This is a heathery medium grey (a true grey, not a brown grey like the last color), it's Aurora 8 color 26. We were out of stock in it the other day when I tried to find a color to use, but then I ordered it on a whim and when it arrived I knew it was perfect. So it came home with me today, and I was all set to make a bigger swatch, and test out some of the stitch patterns.

I got home and ate my sushi dinner.


(the best team button, in my opinion! Courtesty of Beadslut)Then I went to open the bottle of wine, which I planned to sip while knitting and watching the latest Netflix movie that just came (Seabiscuit, if you were wondering), and swatching the cables.

So I have 2 corkscrews. One is the kind that waiters use, which uses a lever-action to pull the cork out. The other is a really cheap one which looks like a T, screw being at the bottom, which you pull straight out to get the screw out. I like the waiter corkscrew much better, but when I went to use it I noticed the bottom of the screw was twisted, and it's therefore now a nice, useless piece of pastic and metal. I tossed it in the trash (all the while wondering who the hell did that to the thing, probably my old roommates), and tried the T-shaped one.

I screwed it down into the cork, and started to pull. Nothing. Pulled and pulled some more, nothing. So I start rocking it back and forth, trying to loosen the cork. Nothing happened for a second, then the whole thing flew up into the air suddenly -- the metal screw broke in half in the cork! So now I have two broken corkscrews, a bottle of wine with its cork still stuck in it, and half a metal screw stuck in the cork. What now?

Long story slightly shorter, I just spent the last 20 minutes picking the damn cork out of the bottle piece by piece, alternately using a knife, a wrench, and the first broken screwdriver (for leverage). I DID IT, and now I'm rewarded by a nice glass of wine (which, incidentally, isn't that great).

Too bad my hands ache so much after this that I can't knit!!!!

Now I'm joining this team:


LOVE this button!

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January 29, 2006

I love your new colour choice. Is it possible to be a member of more than one team at a time. I like the idea of team “Hey, we’re drinking here!”. I think that most of Team Canada would qualify for that team since we are already planning our pub nights.


February 03, 2006

where did you get the “drinking” button and how can I join that team??

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