An Olympic Swatch

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So I finally got to watch Seabiscuit (good but slow) and swatch for Little Rivers last night. This is my swatch, done following the instructions for the sleeve (I usually do this for textured patterns, so I know what to expect in context, not just what the cables do). It took 2 HOURS. That's what I call an Olympic Swatch!

I'm working on size 6 Addi Turbos, and I've already made some changes.

  1. I changed the first row from a RS row to a WS row. Why? B/c I'm retentive, and I don't like it when the bumps in my long-tail cast on show on the RS, I think they should be on the WS.
  2. Since I changed the first row to RS, I had to change the baby cable pattern for the cuffs. They used to be crossed on WS rows, now they're crossed on RS rows (which I prefer anyway).
  3. There's a baby cable that involves purling into the second st on the left hand needle, then purling into the first st and dropping them both off -- can you say AKWARD?? I'm working it by slipping the first purl and holding it to the back, as a "traditional" cable.
  4. Speaking of which, I'm not using a cable needle at all -- the widest cross is 2x2 or 1x3, all of which I'm very comfortable doing without a cable needle.

If you think that's a lot of changes for just the first 5" of sleeve, you're probably right! But that's how I roll, I'm not shy about changing even Herself's patterns.

Here's a closeup of the cable repeat that will be all over this pullover:


I think I ended up with the perfect color. The cables show up very well. But it's so SLOW! I know it was supposed to be a Challenge and all, but this one might not be possilbe. . .

It turns out I have a birthday party to go to on Feb 10th (prime Olympic Knitting time!), and Adam actually comes home on Feb 23rd, not 24th. If you know me IRL, be prepared for my turning down any social invitations during the Olympics, unless you want to get together to knit. Wow that's sad, huh?

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January 30, 2006

You’ll pick up steam, never fear. Sleep is vastly overrated. Just don’t let your participation on Team “Hey, we’re drinking here” interfere with the cabling!


January 30, 2006

little rivers will be lovely in grey :-)

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