It's a blizzard!

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When the weather people start to freak out, waving their arms around and yelling BLIZZARD every chance they get, I grow suspicious. I'm not the first person to think about this, and I'm not claiming to be clever or anything, but there have been way too many times when weather people yelled BLIZZARD and all we got was a dusting. I'm convinced they get a kick-back from local grocery stores, which are always packed with people the day before, loading up on groceries and, in the 'burbs, sand/salt and shovels. (aside: why is it that people always buy milk and bread in preparation for blizzards? Don't you usually have that stuff on hand anyway? And if you don't, why would you especially need it for a blizzard? The salt and shovels I get, the milk and bread, not so much)

But anyway, yesterday we were packed at work, everyone wanted to get some knitting to do in case they were stuck at home (aside #2: now THAT I get!!). I kept saying to my coworkers, "wait and see if it even snows before you ask me how I'll get to work on Monday! It could be nothing. The weather people always do this to us."

Well, my cynical self was proved wrong today. Look at this:


I just shot this picture out of the front windows of my building (if you think I'm going out there, you don't know me too well!). That's my neighbor's car snowed in, there is at least a foot of snow out there, and it's clear the road hasn't been plowed since early this morning. I live on a main road in the very-near-to-NYC 'burbs, and if my road isn't plowed, that means NO ONE's roads are plowed around here. It's still coming down, and it's still small flakes, which means it's not ending soon. The roads will probably be plowed again once it's over, whenever that is.

I caught this (not very smart) person driving down the road:


If that were me, no way would I be driving my VW down this road in these conditions. I hope they have somewhere important to go, otherwise this is just stupid.

My roommate, who is from Germany, was really confused this morning when she found out that NJ Transit buses aren't running. She says that at home, blizzards like these happen all the time, people still go out and live normally. She thinks we're wimps.

I filled her in on what BLIZZARD means to us: the roads aren't plowed, everyone will try as hard as possible to stay home from work tomorrow, and she should expect to be stuck in the apartment all day. Even if you were to walk somewhere (through the unplowed sidewalks), it's likely that stores aren't open because their employees can't (and don't want to!) get to work. She wanted to go to her class at the gym: I told her not to worry, that her class had certainly been cancelled and the gym is probably closed. The only people who will go out today are those with monster SUV's, whom I'm convinced go out just to prove their ridiculous vehicles serve a purpose. I, on the other hand, drive a Rollerskate (TM), and will be staying at home all day, watching Project Runway reruns and knitting for the olympics.

That's how we do BLIZZARDS!

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February 12, 2006

I hear you. I did venture out to help with shoveling around our vehicles. Other than that, I have nowhere to go. There’s Project Runway, Knitty Gritty, Poirot to watch… There’s the U-Neck Vest to be knitted…There’s onion soup to be made. I agree with the SUV owners needing to prove that there’s a reason for such silly vehicles.


February 12, 2006

Blizzards are fun when you don’t have to go anywhere, have good, tv, food, beer, and lots of knitting. Otherwise snow is such a PAIN!

I grew up in VT so I can say that. This probably isn’t a good time to tell you that my boy is outside playing in a t-shirt? ducks


February 12, 2006

I live on a private, steep dirt road in Maine, and take call for work. My monster SUV and monster trucks have been needed, not just for show. I don’t get the luxury of staying home to watch TV & knit until they plow us out because medicine goes on, regardless of weather (sometimes because of it). No one can get up our road without 4WD or AWD and at least 7" of clearance! So, think kindly of those monster SUV drivers – they may be the person who goes in to the hospital to save lives!

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