Markers, markers everywhere!

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I spent a large portion of tonight's knitting time making new stitch markers for the shop -- several styles had sold out! I actually have a bunch of new supplies to use, but I can only work on them for 2 hours at a time before my hands start to hurt, so tonigth I replenished the ladybugs that are already on the site, and made the first in a new line using pewter charms. These may be my all-time favorite set yet! Starwberries!! Aren't they so cute??
I had originally planned to do a "charms" series using silver charms (think a charm bracelet for you knitting!), but they were just too expensive, I couldn't imaging selling a set of $6 for over $60! So I had to settle for silver-colored pewter, and this is the first style I made. I also have stars, which I will hopefully work on tomorrow. I also got new beads and new colors of ladybugs (like RED! Imaging red ladybugs!), I'll post more as I get them done.

If you have ideas or requests for "themes" for the pewter charms markers, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Also, I prefer silver to gold, so everything I've bought so far is silver-colored. If you would be interested in gold-toned, let me know! I can get almost every style in either tone.

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