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So my toe seems to have healed, it is no longer bruised or slightly crooked. I guess I just sprained it. The fire in Brooklyn is over and they've labeled it suspicious and are investigating. The Giotto sweater lies in a heap, waiting it's turn to be ripped out and reknit. I haven't had much knitting time this week due to work knitting, but I did manage to get past the halfway point on Halfobi2. Here's a sneak peek:


This is the first front, which is as much as I can show you at one time without loosing any semblance of stitch detail. When layed out flat this thing is rather huge and the resulting photo has to be gigantic to show anything worth seeing. But you get the idea, you've seen it before. Want a closeup of the stitches? Ok!

I think I succeeded in picking a spring-like color combo, huh? I love it. The colors go together so perfectly that it doesn't even look like there are two strands held together. The best way to combine Koigu with a solid is to pick a color that only complements and doesn't compete with the Koigu. You want a color that fades into the background, letting Koigu do its thing. The only way to find out if it's going to work is to swatch it, I tried out 3 colors before settling on this pairing. It's worth trying a few combos before you pick one, because it really is hard to tell if it's going to work unless you knit it up.

I should have this finished this weekend. . . although with MDSW on Sunday, my knitting time will be cut in half this week. It's worth it though! I hope to meet some of you fellow bloggers there!

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